BPW Certified Professional Instructor (CPI)

The CPI program is designed for educators, parents and coaches who wish to professionally share BPW tools with schools and organizations in their community. Through the Level 1 & 2 Retreats and an intensive 6-month online learning system, participants grow their personal and professional capacity to professionally share mindfulness, SEL, brain training and holistic wellness with students, teachers, parents and school leaders.  
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Level 1 Retreat (for CSL & CPI students)

  100+ brain break activities organized according to the Brain Power 10 themes (mindfulness, team building, SEL, etc.)

  20 Content Link lessons integrating mindfulness, movement and brain training into the four main subject areas

  BPW Advisory Curriculum (stand-alone & synergistic with SEL, restorative circles, etc.)

  School-wide BPW Mentor curriculum for leading PDs at department, grade and faculty meetings

  BPW & Trauma-informed strategies (Level 1)

  BPW & Culturally Responsive Teaching (Level 1)

  Integrating Mindfulness & SEL with school-wide Equity frameworks

  Supporting & Sustaining BPW Student Leadership Program
Retreat Dates: May 17-20 2022

Level 2 Retreat (for CPI students only):

  Advanced Leader curriculum (BPW after-school student clubs)

  Masterful Teaching for Mindful Leaders

  Wellness Curriculum for Parent Seminars

  Wellness Curriculum for Teacher Seminars

  In-classroom coaching curriculum for student visits

  BPW & Trauma-informed strategies (Level 2)

  BPW & Culturally Responsive Teaching (Level 2)

  Marketing & Presentation Portfolio

  Coaching & BPW
Retreat Dates: June 5-10 2022 
Online Learning System
In between the two in-person retreats our Certified Professional Instructor candidates participate in an intensive 6-month online training program. Curriculum will require 3-4 hours each week involved in the following varied activities:  

  • Online Content: Instructional and self-development videos, readings, and reflections
  • Monthly Group Classes: Experiential learning, lectures, self-development training and discussion through live synchronous whole-cohort classes (Zoom).
  • Training Teams: Participants are assigned to small Training Team groups led by a BPW Coach. Teams meet monthly on Zoom to stay connected, discuss the application of their learning, engage in teaching/presenting practice and receive feedback.
  • Weekly Mindfulness Classes: Led by BPW’s Executive Director, these optional classes provide additional self-care practice and energy principles for our CPI community.
  • Individual Coaching Sessions: Participants meet individually with their BPW Coach on a monthly basis to personalize and integrate their learning experience.
  • Teaching Feedback: Participants share videos of themselves teaching students, parents or teachers and receive feedback on their teaching from their BPW Coach and Training Team.
  • Daily Training/Journaling: Participants are encouraged to maintain a daily personal wellness and meditative journaling practice.
  • Additional Learning Experiences: There will be additional optional opportunities for learning including Affinity Groups, reading groups, practice groups, and regional meet-up groups where possible.

Participants in the CSL and CPI programs must first complete the 6-week BPW Teacher Course. If you haven’t yet started this course, you are still encouraged to submit an application. In your application, indicate when you plan to complete the course, prior to the start date of the 1st Retreat.

Tuition: $4950

Tuition for Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) Program covers the Level 1 & 2 Retreats, 6-month online learning system, all curriculum resources, the certification process and monthly reinforcement classes.

Tuition fees above do NOT include accommodations or travel for retreats.  Room and board with Honor’s Haven and travel arrangements are purchased separately and are completely the participant’s responsibility.