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What is 
Brain Power Wellness?

Brain Power Wellness teaches physical and mental brain breaks, mindfulness practices, and social emotional wellness strategies that support a positive classroom atmosphere. We partner with Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators to create a sustainable, healthy, happy and focused school environment.
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Brain Power Wellness (BPW) is a holistic wellness company based in NYC. Since 2007 BPW has led in-person and live online classes, workshops and retreats for more than 500,000 students, 25,000 teachers and 15,000 parents in 500 schools worldwide. We provide fun, engaging and experiential tools rooted in Social Emotional Learning, mindfulness, community building, brain training and holistic wellness to promote healthy living throughout our communities. BPW offers training courses for teachers, mental health professionals, parents, coaches, and anyone who has a passion for education and drive to improve the overall well-being of their community.

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Meet our BPW Team

Dave Beal

Executive Director
Dave Beal is the Executive Director and Head National Trainer for Brain Power Wellness (BPW), and author of “The Brain Power Classroom.” After several successful years of teaching Brain Power activities as a classroom teacher in Brooklyn and Freeport, NY, Dave has spent the last fourteen years training thousands of administrators, teachers, parents and students to utilize their fullest brain potential.

Katie Brisley-Logue

Deputy Executive Director
Katie Brisley-Logue is the Deputy Executive Director for Brain Power Wellness (BPW.)  She holds a BA in Psychology and Music from University College Cork, Ireland and her Human Resources Certification from PACE University, New York. Katie is also a Certified BPW Trainer and conducts workshops across the United States and Europe.

Rebecca Wheaton

Field Coordinator (D.C.)
Rebecca Wheaton is the District of Columbia and Maryland Field Coordinator for BPW. She began implementing Brain Power teaching tools in South Korea as a Brain Power English teacher in 2005. She has worked as a counselor for at-risk youth and leadership development internationally for the past 15 years including 6 years implementing the work in Nicaragua, Central America.

Maria Claudia Kondrat

Field Coordinator (Miami)
Maria Claudia Kondrat is Brain Power Wellness's bilingual Miami Field Coordinator. She comes to BPW with a background in art and creativity, leading to a successful tenure with implementing Brain Power activities in her classrooms. 

What People Are Saying!

"I would recommend this course to any teacher! It teaches you helpful classroom management & mindfulness techniques that are not taught in education courses in college!"
Kendall Gill - PS 144Q
"I applied the exercises from the BPW Online Teacher Course to engage my students. From these exercises they were able to challenge themselves mentally & physically!"  
Berna Korkut - OBS de Vlaamse Reus
"I would recommend the BPW Online Teacher Course to any educator or community builder. I have learned many new techniques and classroom management strategies that I implement in my class."
Natalie Gluschke - Stichting Wereldmuziekschool Haarlem

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Benefits for Educators

What do the statistics say about Brain Power?
Of educators agree that Brain Power helped them with classroom management
Of educators agree that Brain Power helped them connect with their students 
Of educators agree that Brain Power exercises helped them stay positive in the classroom
What Makes Brain Power Wellness Special

Here is What You'll Receive with Brain Power!

We provide regular exercises for teachers and parents to manage their physical, emotional and mental health, thereby helping them tap into their highest potential.

We provide authentic student leadership training and empower our
Student Leaders to facilitate classroom and school- wide Brain Power activities.

Here at Brain Power Wellness we become teachers, coaches, social workers, psychologists, therapists, administrators and parents because we love children and we want to empower them to create a better tomorrow.

What People Are Saying

We are proud to be a Brain Power district! We utilize Brain Power exercises in our principal meetings &  our parent leaders lead these exercises at our CEC meetings. We see the value of the
Brain Power Wellness strategies to help students, parents and teachers with focus, mindfulness and emotional
Rafaela Espinal -
Superintendent, District 12
As Teachers we need to refill our gas tank, and this workshop was the perfect opportunity for me get energy so I can spread what I have learned to the staff & parents. It’s like shining some really bright light on the school. Teachers work so hard, I want to give them tools to take care of themselves and their students.
Denise Comenzo -
Teacher & Brain Power Leader, PS 84K
The courses at Brain Power Wellness has enabled me to be more self aware and sensitive for a more equitable learning environment.
Barbara Martin Galego -
Mental Health Coordinator at Miami-Dade County Public Schools
"BPW strengthened me to go back into my classroom, and what I loved is the ability to empower my students to become Leaders in their own right, to own their own energy, their own direction, their actions, and that for me is one of the most powerful things I can do for my students.
Rachael Clarke -
Teacher & Brain Power Leader,
IS 192Q
"Brain Power Wellness is an awesome tool that I brought to my school to shift the way we address providing a supportive environment for our students. In our second year of implementation we are excited to have empowered our student leaders to drive this valuable program school-wide."
Judith James
Principal, PS 28K
"The Brain Power Wellness program is helping my teachers and students to manage their stress, increase concentration, and develop the internal efficacy to create peaceful ways to interact with themselves and others."
Reva Gluck Schneider -
Principal, PS 144Q